Now for our industry leading price structure.

Imagine a box - 3 feet wide, by 3 feet deep, by 3 feet tall. Each box represents 1 cubic yard. -Our pricing unit

Our Price List is as follows

  •     $50 per cubic yard for basic house junk, with a 3 yard minimum
  •     $60 per cubic yard for construction debris(wood, drywall, paneling etc)
  •     $100 per Standard 72"-96" sofa - savings of up to $30
  •     $125 per full/queen mattress & box spring combo. $25 saving
  •     $40 per cubic yard for appliances- up to $20 savings on each item 
  •     $260 per cubic yard for Concrete, sand, asphalt, bricks

Many Other Discounts Available For Larger Jobs, Jobs Combined With Demolition Work, And When Booking 2 or More Jobs At The Same Time.

Go Ahead and Compare the prices with the other guys....

1-888-JUNK-DEMO comes out on top every time!!

At 1-888-JUNK-DEMO we have a very simple price structure for junk removal services. Our pricing is based on how much space your items will take up in our truck or trailer. We charge by cubic yard, with a few exceptions , where we can save the customer more money. We also, often times breakdown larger, non salvageable furniture pieces (cabinets, desks etc) to save room and save money for the customer. Furthermore, we do not have any surcharges for specialty or non disposable items such as air conditioners, refrigerators, tvs, monitors paint, oil etc.. This is how the competitors raise the price with the unseen fine print. Also, at 1-888-Junk-Demo, we will never charge an hourly rate for standard house junk removal services. This is another way our competitors will raise the agreed upon pricing.

Simply Stated, We have the Best Junk Removal Prices on Long Island


the best junk removal prices on long island